You Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: The End Of A Love Triangle

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Last week on You, the rivalry between Joe (Penn Badgley) and Peach (Shay Mitchell) came to a head when the bookstore manager whacked the fruit-named socialite with a rock. Alas, he didn’t kill her — if anything, the concussion Peach suffered only made her stronger. At least in her ability to hold onto Beck (Elizabeth Lail) for dear life.
What’s a guy to do when the girl he didn't (but totally tried) to kill, is staying at your girlfriend’s apartment? For Joe, the answer is bring Peach a "Get Well Soon!" balloon and hope for the best.
The best happens: Peach doesn't realize that Joe was the one who smashed her head in. She even thanks him for warning her about her "stalker," the one who stole her laptop and is clearly obsessed with her. Ah, the "pitfalls of celebrity."
Unfortunately for Joe, Peach whisks his lady off to Connecticut for some R&R — and Peach has plans to take her even further than a mere ferry ride away. Peach has booked one-way tickets to Paris, and why she thinks Beck will ditch her MFA to be her live-in BFF, I have no idea.
Joe finally tells Beck what we’ve known for pretty much ever: Peach is totally in love with her. When they get to Peach’s family home in Connecticut, it becomes obvious that Beck suspects the same thing. Carb-free Peach is making waffles. She wants to take Beck to the mall and a matinee. Peach is trying to wifey Beck up and honestly, it might work on me!
Joe follows the girls to Connecticut, and thanks to how damn big this house is, he's able to essentially stalk Beck's other stalker without her even noticing. There's a particularly hilarious and disturbing scene in which Peach is watching Beck bathe, and Joe is watching Peach watch Beck bathe.
It's clear that Peach wasn’t actually that concerned about her stalker — Beck’s one-bedroom apartment has nowhere to hide, and Joe can skulk around this mansion whenever.
Later, Peach invites a college friend named Raj (Gerrard Lobo) over for what is soon revealed to be an attempt at a threesome. After taking MDMA, the friends end up in bed together, and Peach plants a sexy kiss on her friend. Beck — obviously thinking about what Joe said regarding Peach’s affections — bails on the sexytime, and Peach and Raj enjoy some one-on-one action instead. Well, Peach does bring another friend into bed, but it’s a (probably a very expensive) glass sex toy.
Beck confronts Peach about the kissing the next day, and Peach refuses to acknowledge that she may have romantic feelings for her best friend. You have to feel for Peach — if her parents really do suck as much as Beck says they do, it can't be easy for her to admit her real feelings, even if she does handle them wildly inappropriately.
Beck books it in an Uber, and Peach finds Joe hiding in her house. Peach quickly gets her own gun — the one that Joe stole — and holds pretty much all the power. Even though Joe threatens to release the files that Peach has on Beck (thanks to the assistance of his "associate," neighbor kid Paco), Peach is still convinced that Joe needs to be extracted from Beck’s life. It's the least-selfish move that Peach has ever made.
Joe and Peach end up tumbling outside, and as the camera pans up to the sky, a shot rings out.
This time, Joe succeeds at killing Peach — which we know from Peach’s "suicide note," read in voiceover. Per the note Joe clearly wrote (how very Heathers), she got a second chance at life after her attack in Central Park, but decided not to take it.
This would be a rather tidy murder, save for two things: The first is that Joe didn’t quite get away from the cop who pulled him over, even though he very much believed that his "rich Connecticut boat owner act" convinced the officer not to run his license plate. When we see the cop entering Peach’s home after her "suicide," we learn that he ran the plate and now knows the car is registered to Joe’s old boss, Mr. Mooney. There’s now a trail from Peach to Joe, and it’s a problem.
There’s another problem: Joe’s pee. Instead of sneaking off to pee in one of the many bathrooms in Peach’s mansion, Joe took a leak in a mason jar, arranged cutely on a shelf in the hallway. Can you collect DNA from urine? The way the camera lingers on that jar suggests…maybe?
We also get a deeper understanding of who Joe was before he met Beck. And it turns out — really similar to how he is now. This comes in the form of flashbacks, brought on by Joe’s concussion. (He got into a minor car accident while on his way to stalking Beck in Connecticut, which can’t be good for his brain considering he was just beaten to a pulp by Paco’s stepdad.) That ex-girlfriend, Candace (Ambyr Childers)? Apparently, she was a musician, and she may or may not have cheated on Joe with an A&R guy. Mostly, though, the flashbacks reveal that Joe (whom Candace calls "Bunny") was always possessive and cray cray.
The real question is…where the hell is Candace’s body? Because there’s no way this girl survived a romance with Joe, if Peach is rotting off-camera somewhere.
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