What Melania Trump's Zodiac Sign Can Tell Us About Her Upcoming Interview

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images.
Of everyone in Donald Trump's close orbit, his own wife, Melania Trump, seems least knowable. Her determination to maintain a relatively private life despite her role as the First Lady is, ironically, the most integral part of her very public image. That said, Trump's "silent" reputation is about to change, as ABC World News Tonight will air a rare and exclusive interview with her this evening. The astro snoops in the audience will be quick to note that Trump was born on April 26, making her a Taurus, a sign known for its careful, reserved attitude.
We can't help but wonder if that celestial tidbit will reflect how Trump acts during tonight's interview with ABC. Leading up to the airing of the full interview, ABC shared a clip in which Trump calls herself the "most bullied person in the world," revealing her sign's tendency to take a defensive stance when under pressure. Generally speaking, Taureans aren't exactly known to enjoy thinking on their feet — and they certainly don't tend to respond well when pushed to do something they'd rather not do. In light of Trump's foray into the spotlight, we're taking a closer look at her generally spotlight-averse Zodiac sign.
Ruled by Venus and the element of earth, Taurus is often characterized as the gentle giant of the Zodiac: People born under this sign can be mighty stubborn, but they're more likely to seek a quiet compromise than exert their will too aggressively. Tauruses strongly dislike butting heads, so it's rare to see them leading the charge in a conflict. As long as their way of life remains somewhat consistent and steady, they'd rather not rock the boat.
Plus, earth signs, which, in addition to Taurus, include Capricorn and Virgo, are not a flashy bunch. They're some of the hardest working, most loyal signs around, but they usually prefer to stay behind the scenes — with a tendency for perfectionism, they'd hate to be caught making a mistake. While Trump's career as a model completely deviates from this part of her sign's persona, her reluctance to spend much time in the public eye as FLOTUS is a total earth sign move.
All of this paints a picture of a person who probably doesn't consider an intense, one-on-one, televised interview to be a good time. If they must enter into such a setting, your average Taurus will request ample time to prepare their responses. And, given her high-profile status, Trump has almost definitely be given the time she needs to practice her talking points. Whether her comments come off well is totally separate question — one that astrology probably can't account for.
Will Trump's Zodiac sign dictate her every response and reaction? Obviously, no. We shouldn't expect astrology to predict an individual's exact actions and behavior in a highly specific situation — but we can use it to better understand how they think and feel. After all, it's probably no coincidence that President Trump and Kanye West are both Geminis.
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