The Eeriest Movies & Shows Based On Urban Legends

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
Have you heard the story about the killer clown? And what about that creepy new chant that all the kids are doing these days?
Urban legends have been inspiring Hollywood for decades. These folktales, often passed through word-of-mouth and loosely (very loosely) based on true stories, serve as a reminder that sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.
That's why the urban legend has become a staple of the horror genre, from Hulu’s new show Light as A Feather to classics like The Blair Witch Project. Whether you’re looking to rediscover a classic horror movie, catch up on Netflix shows, or find a new cult favorite, you’re likely to encounter a horror film that is “based on a true story.” Here’s a look at thirteen of those shows, and the terrifying stories that inspired them.
Get out your popcorn, lock your door, and hope none of these legends began in your town.

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