Something's Haunting The Teens In Hulu's Light As A Feather

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
The game "Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board," is spooky, but it doesn't rival Hulu's new show Light As A Feather. The show, which will debut on the platform on October 12, is about the levitation game of Light as a Feather that goes horribly, strangely awry.
It all starts with the new girl in town, Violet (Haley Ramm). Olivia (Peyton List) invites her to a birthday party in an effort to be friendly, but Violet's role in the party quickly becomes sinister. Later, terrible things start happening to the girls. It's almost as if Violet planned it.
Light as a Feather comes from writer and producer R. Lee Fleming Jr., who worked on both One Tree Hill and Friends. It also stars Ajiona Alexus, the actress known to teen audiences as Sheri Holland on 13 Reasons Why. Take those three related shows as a clue: Light as a Feather is prime teen material and follows in the tradition of these series, reveling mostly in high school drama. There are stolen kisses! Exclusive parties! A high school hallway filled with water! A demonic game brought on by a vengeful spirit!
Light as a Feather is as saucy as the next teen soap, but as vicious as any horror movie. And, to make matters even better, the episodes run a sweet 23 minutes.
Watch the full trailer, below.
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