Here's How Your Coven Can Dress Up As Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina For Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
There's no show more perfect for Halloween than Netflix's upcoming Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, which will arrive on Netflix October 26. In fact, the town of Greendale, where Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) and her friends run wild, embodies the holiday year-round. That makes the show's cast of creepy characters the perfect inspiration for this year's group costume. Or, just pick your favorite character and head out solo — you're a powerful witch who can get spooky all by herself.
The show exists in a deliberately timeless era, so costumes will have to be all about the colors. Each character has a specific mood, and each one play an important role in Sabrina's life. Are you an aunt, wise and comforting? Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch), supportive and naive boyfriend? Or a Weird Sister, pretty much the symbol of feminine evil?
There's so much to work with and a lot to pull together before Halloween has officially arrived. Ahead, how you can be your favorite characters from Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina for Halloween.

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