All The Making A Murderer Theories You Need To Know

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The long-awaited continuation of Making a Murderer has breathed new fire into the conversation about Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's involvement in photographer Teresa Halbach's 2005 death in Manitowoc County, WI. With it, theories — both legitimate and from "truthers" — about who was involved in Halbach's death have proliferated message boards and news outlets alike.
In 2007, Avery was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and sentenced to life in prison. Dassey, Avery's then-16-year-old nephew, confessed to helping his uncle rape and kill Halbach before burning the body in a fire pit at the Avery family's salvage yard. After a lower court found Dassey, who is intellectually impaired, had given an involuntary confession to investigators, the court's decision was nullified late 2017 when the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Dassey’s original conviction.
Viewers have questioned whether Avery's brothers, Charles and Earl, were responsible for Halbach's death, especially after 2009 documents revealed sexual assault histories for both men. Another theory suspects Ryan Hillegas, Halbach's ex-boyfriend of suspect behavior, something the second season will explore further.
Ahead, the MaM theories you need to know before you dive into season 2.
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Charles & Earl Avery

Brothers Charles & Earl Avery Might Be Responsible

Post-conviction court documents obtained by The Wrap indicate Avery suggested other members of his family had motive to frame him for the murder of Halbach. The documents show Avery's brother, Charles Avery, was charged with sexual assault by use of force on his wife at the time, and had a history of making women uncomfortable when they visited the Avery family salvage yard.

Earl Avery was charged with sexually assaulting his two daughters in 1995, for which he pled no contest, per a report from People. The outlet reports court documents stated the following about Avery's brothers: “Both Earl and Charles Avery would have known more about the Avery Salvage Yard than anyone else. They had taken over the day-to-day running of the business. They had the means and the opportunity to kill Ms. Halbach, to move her car, to plant evidence to incriminate Steven, and then to leave the car so that it would be discovered in a search.”
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Mike Hallbach & Ryan Hillegas

Mike Halbach & Ryan Hillegas Are Somehow Involved

Teresa Halbach's brother and ex-boyfriend raised suspicions over their awkward interview with reporters during the search for Halbach's body and car. This theory is sure to be a major part of MaM's second season, as Avery's defense lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, filed documents in 2017 claiming she believed Hillegas was responsible for Halbach's murder.
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Bobby Dassey & Scott Tadych

Bobby Dassey & Scott Tadych

This theory calls into question Bobby Dassey (Brendan's brother), and their stepfather Scott Tadych, who each had the other as an alibi. Dassey and Tadych told authorities they saw the other driving down the road, and their account of when they spotted Halbach on Avery's property conflicts with that of bus Lisa Buchner.

According to HelloGiggles, Reddit users have been suspicious of Tadych pawning a .22 rifle — the now-confirmed murder weapon — belonging to his stepsons.
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Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department

Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department Planted False Evidence

The first season of MaM spent some time trying to show how it was in the best interest of Lieutenant James Lenk of the Manitowac County Sheriff's Department to get rid of Avery and his $36 million wrongful imprisonment lawsuit against the country after serving 18 years for a sexual assault he didn't commit. The theory suggests Lenk had unsupervised time on Avery's property during the investigation, giving him ample opportunity to plant Halbach's car keys, her blood in Avery's car, and a flattened bullet with her DNA in Avery's garage, all highly integral pieces of evidence.
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Halbach Is Not Dead

Teresa Halbach Is Not Dead

The theory that Halbach could still be alive is a bizarre one that has the greater Reddit community shutting down the thought all together. As one Reddit user wrote, the argument that Halbach is still alive "is an insult to her memory and her family."

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