All The Ways You Can Be That Pizza From Set It Up This Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I would not fuck the pizza in Set It Up. Despite protagonists Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie's (Glen Powell) insistence that the pizza they picked up after tipsily exiting a party is the most delicious-looking meal to the point that they would have intercourse with it, it leaves significant room for improvement. However, that doesn't mean you can't channel the spirit of the pivotal plot device this Halloween and pay homage to the first of Netflix's slew of successful rom-coms.
There are a few different ways you can interpret this pizza, the first of which is extremely literal and therefore, as I've mentioned before, somewhat lackluster. This is if you, like me, want to make the point that this pizza was nowhere near fuckable at every single party you attend this year — however that means embodying these not-so-great pizza qualities:
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1) Extremely flat. Somehow, you have to make yourself 2-D, so I'd recommend cutting out a circular piece of cardboard and sticking it to your chest, or perhaps putting your face through the center.
2) Weird congealed layer of white cheese. The more realistic the better. In fact, just go ahead and melt some mozzarella right on top of the cardboard.
3) Obviously room temperature. This part's easy: Just make sure the costume has been sitting out all day before whipping it on and getting into your Uber. Just don't Uber Pool.
If you'd like to be a bit more visually appealing, then we can do that too. While I may not agree that the pizza in Set It Up is fuckable, you can absolutely embody the spirit of a fuckable pizza in other ways:
1. Wear an open pizza box on your head to symbolize that moment when Harper and Charlie first gazed upon their feast.
2. Get some red spandex to be sauce and cover yourself in cut-out yellow splotches as the cheese.
3. Stay home and eat pizza.
Happy Halloween!

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