Lady Gaga's Birth Chart Perfectly Illustrates Her Star Power

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As the hype surrounding her performance in A Star Is Born reaches a fever pitch, Lady Gaga's been on our minds more than ever, lighting up our hearts (and ears) along the way. Naturally, we wanted to honor Gaga's turn to the silver screen — not to mention her potentially award-winning role. So, we drew up her birth chart (a diagram depicting where the sun, moon, and planets were on her birthday) to learn more about the artist's astrological identity. For the record, Mother Monster's birthday isn't until March, but that's not going to stop us from taking a closer look at what the stars were up to when this star was born.
Gaga's birthday is March 28, 1986, putting her squarely in Aries season. The first sign in the Zodiac, Aries is brash, passionate, stubborn, and likely works better as a solo act. This fire sign is often dismissed as childish or difficult, but we see more of its capacity for fame in Gaga's personality. Consider some of her fellow Rams (Mariah Carey, Elton John, Jackie Chan) — they didn't get famous because they were born under Aries, but they share some undeniably Aries qualities: They're bold and not afraid to take risks.
Yet another Aries placement that leaps out at us is Gaga's Venus. In general, this planet rules our tastes, both the aesthetic and romantic sort. In the sign of the Ram, Venus expresses an urgent need to set trends and shake things up. While Gaga's Aries sun explains her bold personality, her Aries Venus reveals the source of her inventive, playful, but never boring fashion sense.
The fiery passion of Gaga's sun and Venus is balanced out by her moon in Scorpio, which indicates a cool affinity for mysteries and the subconscious. Think about The Fame Monster, the album in which Gaga explored the dark side of celebrity. Her Aries placements kept things glam overall, but her desire to plumb the depths of her industry and express her findings through moody pop hits was totally Scorpionic. This lunar placement also means that Gaga's sun and moon form an angle known as a quincunx, which reflects a less-than-harmonious (but not terrible!) relationship between her inner and outer self.
Simply put, a quincunx implies a lack of chemistry. As the Astrotwins write on their site, signs that form this aspect, like Aries and Scorpio, have little to nothing in common, which can lead to awkwardness, if not flat-out discord. Gaga may feel this tension in how she expresses herself when she's in a group versus how she processes emotions and behaves in private. We'd be willing to bet that quite a few celebrities feel this way, whether or not they have this aspect in their chart.
We don't like to talk about destiny when discussing birth charts, but there's something about Gaga's that speaks uncannily to her career and artistic vision. If nothing else, her birth chart is a snapshot of some serious astrological star power.

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