Where We Left Off In Big Mouth Season 1

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Big Mouth is an animated show that, unlike most animated shows, allows its characters to grow and change. Seinfeld famously had the rule that the characters couldn’t grow or hug. (Hugging is a sign of growth!) Most animated shows operate under these rules, keeping the characters cordoned off in hermetically sealed character descriptions.
Big Mouth can’t do that, well, because the Netflix show is dedicated to puberty. It’s a show about change and growth. The humor isn’t borne of people staying the same; instead, the humor comes from the friction of being alive and having to grow despite itself. Which is all to say, the plot matters in Big Mouth. The characters grow, evolve, date, and get angry. They do hug! They fall in love. This season, they’ll grow pubic hair and boobs. They’ll suddenly become ashamed or embarrassed about things they never even thought about before.
But before we get into that, we have to revisit what happened before season 2 gets rolling on Netflix October 5. So, here’s where we left every character at the end of Big Mouth season 1.
Andrew (John Mulaney)
In season 1, Andrew, the ganglier of the two main characters, briefly dated and fell in love with Missy (Jenny Slate). He told her that he loved her at Jessi’s bat mitzvah, his tiny mustachioed lip quivering. She promptly vomited. As of the end of season 1, Andrew is in mourning for his relationship.
“Maybe if I died she’d feel bad and take me back,” Andrew says, weeping. He replaces Missy with porn, which also doesn’t go very well. Andrew, get it together! (He will in the second season.)
Andrew also found himself in some legal trouble at the end of last season. He was arrested under suspicion that he’d killed a man and left him in the synagogue dumpster, part of a string of murders attributed to the anonymous suspect Jon Bon Ponytail. Andrew’s DNA was all over the dumpster, thanks to some jizz-filled socks he’d left there earlier. He’s later exonerated by some security cam footage that goes on YouTube under the title “Pear Shaped Perv Dumps Jizz-Socks at Synagogue.”
Nick (Nick Kroll)
Nick really, really wanted puberty to happen throughout the first season. In fact, in the finale, he “applies” for puberty with Maurice the hormone monster. At the very end of it all — after rescuing Andrew from Pornscape — Nick decided that he didn’t need puberty just yet.
Too bad! Just as the final episode leaned into its denouement, Nick got a healthy pair of pubic hairs on his mons pubis. Plus, he got a hormone monster of his own, an old crone named Rick.
Jessi (Jessi Klein)
After discovering that her mother was cheating on her father with Cantor Dina, Jessie goes off the rails, striking up a relationship with Jay (Jason Mantzoukas). Together, they discover a dead body in the dumpster near the synagogue — the same body that will later get Andrew arrested. After they leave the police station, Jessie and Jay run away together, a very O.C. move for this Netflix show.
Of all the characters on Big Mouth, Jay was the one who went through the greatest change. Actually, he didn’t change much, but the show routinely gave deeper and deeper insight into his weirdness. His dad, we learned, was a ruthless attorney. His mother ignored him. His brothers were...bonkers. Both Jay and Jessi were at emotionally turbulent parts of their lives, and they turned to each other for comfort.
At the end of the season, though, as they are riding away in the bed of a truck, Jessi discovers that Jay has a family — a pillow child born of his relationship with his bedroom pillow (voiced by Kristen Bell).
At the beginning of the season, Missy was quiet, but determined in her personality path. She was a nerd who loved Nathan Fillion! She didn’t wear makeup! She was kind of a pushover. By the end of the season, though, she knew exactly what she wanted, and that was out of her relationship with Andrew.
Andrew, you’re like sugar to me,” Missy says during their breakup (episode 9, people!). “I like you, but every time I have you, I lose control.”
It should be said that Missy’s breakup felt shame-related. She was embarrassed that she desired Andrew the same way she desired sugar. This feeling will return in the second season!
Coach Steve (also Nick Kroll)
Let’s see, where in Coach Steve’s wild history did we leave off? Following his stint as a bat mitzvah DJ, Steve was almost arrested for the serial murders, but the final body (the one that Jessi and Jay found) materialized while Coach Steve was in custody. Ergo, he's not the killer.
Marty Glouberman (Richard Kind)
I want to revisit Marty for one reason: He very nearly cheated on his wife with scallops at the end of last season. Scallops gave him diarrhea, but he loved them. Jon Hamm voiced the scallops.
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