Sophie Turner Once Walked In On A Shirtless Justin Bieber Getting A Head Massage & Barely Lived To Tell The Tale

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage.
Before there was Joe Jonas, there was only one pop star heartthrob for Sophie Turner: her high school crush, Justin Bieber.
The usually poised Game of Thrones actress got notably excited on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show when host James Corden made mention of her long-standing love for the Biebs. Turner, 22, told Corden and fellow guests Josh Groban and Max Greenfield that she had such a huge crush on Bieber back in high school that her mother once gifted her with a “life-size cardboard cutout” of Bieber and herself when Turner was 16.
“I cried,” she said of her reaction upon receiving the gift. “I fell up the stairs, and I cried.” At this point during the interview, Corden showed a photo of an overly excited Turner beaming through tears while posing next to the cardboard cutouts — proof that this did, in fact, happen.
So, imagine Turner’s excitement when, a few years later, she actually got the chance to meet Bieber in person — this time with her boyfriend-now-fiancé Joe Jonas on hand.
The actress explained that she and Jonas, 29, were at a friend’s home in Miami when the opportunity arose. According to Turner, the couple was offered a tour of the house with an off-handed comment that “Justin Bieber is resting upstairs.” Turner quietly freaked out when she did, indeed, spot the “Sorry” singer sitting there “shirtless, in this dark room, getting a head massage.”
Turner added that, upon seeing Bieber, she got starstruck and only managed to stammer out an introduction (“Hi, nice to meet you, [I’m] Sophie.") before she immediately “ran into the closet [and] cried for, like, five minutes.” When she had managed to regain her composure, she reemerged from the closet and heard Bieber asking Jonas about his new girlfriend, at which point Jonas tried to introduce Turner to Bieber. They later met, and Turner, nervous, stuck her tongue out as a greeting.
“I’m sure he’s used to it,” she added, though, reflecting on the experience. “It can’t be the strangest thing anyone’s done to him!”
Watch the full clip from The Late Late Show, below.

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