We Swear It's Déjà Vu: Beyoncé's Hair Is Back To Brown

Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images.
As members of the Beyhive, we live our life by one mantra, "What would Beyoncé do?" When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is tell Alexa to play "Flawless." Then, we scroll through Instagram for all the latest OTRII2 tour highlights. (Of course, we've seen the show live already, but Beyoncé is known for changing up her looks between cities.) And it looks like we've got to make an appointment with a colorist, because Queen Bey has a new hair color that we must copy for fall.
Her hairstylist Neal Farinah took to Instagram to share photos of Beyoncé from her most recent show and revealed her new chestnut hair color: “Rich Chocolate Brown Hair New Orleans OTRII,” he captioned one close-up flick of her hair.
For the final stretch of her tour, Beyonce's platinum-blonde hair was dyed dark brown at the roots. Farinah kept the frame and ends of her hair dipped in blonde with some pieces skewing more platinum than others. For the show, he styled her freshly-colored strands in loose, sexy curls (that were perfect for hair flippin').
If Queen Bey's new hair looks familiar, it's because the shade is actually a throwback. This chocolate-brown dye job takes us back to 2006 and is reminiscent of hair from her B'Day album.
Naturally, the Beyhive couldn’t contain its excitement about Beyoncé's hair. Instagram commenters raved about her new color, and some even begged Farinah to go darker: “Can you take her back dark brown like back during her Dreamgirls era. I love that chocolate hair on her,” one stan requested.
We reached out to Farinah for more details on Beyoncé's new look (so we can copy ASAP). But in case you're having a bad case of the Mondays, allow the photo of Beyoncé's hot chocolate hair to revive you.

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