How To Tell All Of Fall TV's Medical Dramas Apart

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC.
While watching previews and advertisements for the upcoming fall 2018 TV season, you might start to notice a trend. There are a lot of people talking quickly and passionately in hospitals. Many of them are in scrubs. And many of those scrubs are worn by conventionally handsome white men with the kind of jawlines that casting agents swear scream, “I was born to lead, wasn’t I?”
Yes, we’ve officially hit peak medical drama. ABC, NBC, and FOX will all air at least one medical drama this season, if not more. And, in CBS’ stead — the broadcast network is going all-in on police procedurals insteadNetflix has already premiered one this September. Amid all the sexy hookups (television proves there is nothing sexier than a germ-filled hospital populated with exhausted professionals — hello foremother Grey's Anatomy) and fervent speeches about morality, viewers are left juggling a lot of similar-sounding shows.
To help you figure which medical drama with the handsome doctor who doesn’t care about the rules is which, we came up with a handy guide. Keep reading to learn how to tell this fall’s many hospital-obsessed series apart, what each one is actually about, and for whom they’re even made. Heal your DVR’s confusion, heal yourself.
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