What American Horror Story: Asylum's Aliens Have To Do With Apocalypse

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American Horror Story's eighth season Apocalypse re-introduced us to Michael Langdon (Cody Fern), the now-adult baby from season 1's Murder House who just so happens to be the Antichrist. But did Michael's Murder House connection distract us from what could be the most mind-blowing tie-in to a different season of American Horror Story?
Wednesday's Apocalypse premiere episode, "The End," introduced us to two American Horror Story newcomers, Emily (Ash Santos) and Timothy (Kyle Allen), both saved from the nuclear bomb due to their super-special DNA. So far, neither have received any real details about what it is that makes their genetic code so golden.
Here's one idea: The reason that Emily and Timothy were chosen to survive is because their genetic makeup contains alien DNA... just as Kit Walker's kids did in season 2's Asylum.
In season 2, accused murderer Kit (Evan Peters) ends up fathering children by two different women, both of whom were abducted by aliens and had their pregnancies affected by these extraterrestrials. Several people on Reddit have pointed out that Emily and Timothy resemble Kit's children. Though the timeline wouldn't work out for the pair to literally be Kit's kids — whom, as we know from Asylum, grew up to be super successful adults — it's quite possible that Emily and Timothy are ancestors of the Walker children.
That would explain why Emily and Timothy were selected to live due to their DNA: Their connection to aliens made their DNA extra special, just as it did with the Walker children.
There's other evidence in Apocalypse's premiere episode that suggests it's likely. Aliens can communicate via radio signals, and that could be what was going on with the radio change-up in Outpost 3. During the episode, when Emily and Timothy are present, The Carpenters' "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft" is played — is it a message from aliens outside of Earth, who want to protect the ancestors of the Walker children?
Of course, every American Horror Story theory needs a weird twist, and this one is that Emily and Timothy are already hooking up in Outpost 3. Well, okay, they're not hooking up, exactly: They're just totally smitten with one another and allowing themselves to kiss one time per week, in order to stop themselves from having forbidden sex within their new home.
And speaking of that "no unauthorized copulation" rule that Venable (Sarah Paulson) was so quick to lay down: Could it be to prevent the hormonal teens from accidentally hooking up with their (alien) blood relative? After all, if these two are both related to Kit and his special children, that means they are also both related to one another.
Alien incest honestly seems like the kind of plot point American Horror Story would really lean into, so maybe!
If this theory is accurate, we'll really have to think about whether we're still 'shipping Temily.
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