Rage in a Red Jacket: Meet Assassination Nation’s Heroines

Photo: Courtesy of NEON Films.
On September 21, you're going to want to delete your internet history. Assassination Nation will convince you that someone is out there, and they want to ruin our lives. That's basically the plot of the film that marks the debut of Refinery29's partnership with Neon, and tells the story of a small town that is thrown into chaos when people's texts, internet history, and other data keeps getting exposed, ruining lives and leading to an all-out war. I mean a literal riot-on-the-streets war.
On the front lines of said war? Lily, Bex, Sarah, and Em, respectively played by Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse, and Abra. These four teens, plus a few of their classmates, find themselves tangled in the web of their own dark secrets. If anything, though, this film proves we all have something to hide.
It would all be too much were it not for the standout cast, who should be your next Instagram follows, for sure. Ahead of the release, let's meet the girls at the center of this saga, and the IRL women who bring the intense characters to life.
It’s Heathers meets The Purge when a town-wide data leak means four teen girls have to rise up against slut-shaming, hate, and toxic masculinity. Get ready for Assassination Nation, the first film in an exclusive partnership from Refinery29 and Neon. Grab your tickets now for the theatrical premiere on September 21.
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Lily (Odessa Young)

The protagonist of the movie, Lily has some pretty compromising secrets. However, Young's reputation is one worth bragging about. She started acting at age 11, and by age 20 has found herself starring alongside artists who are already making more than a splash in the world of acting, modeling, and beyond. Catch some of Young's early work in The Daughter and Looking For Grace.
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Bex (Hari Nef)

Twenty-five year old Hari Nef has already made a name for herself as a model and actress. (She's appeared on Transparent and will be seen next in Lifetime's You.) IRL, she's pretty much the only person you should be following on Twitter, where she posits such things as "i only stan people who have seen the abyss" and "okay sure. when i say 'i'm screaming' i'm never screaming but when i say 'wheezing' i'm really wheezing. believe that."
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Sarah (Suki Waterhouse)

Suki Waterhouse can sing, model, and, apparently, expertly shoot a machine gun in a feature film. As Sarah, she's put through a number of trials and is literally dragged across the floor leaving a pool of blood behind her.
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Em (Abra)

Can you believe this is Abra's first film credit? I guess you could believe anything about her since, in the past, she hasn't disclosed her real name and age. If you want to find her, though, look no further than her most recent album, Rose. You can also catch her on Twitter tweeting out fragmented yet weirdly relatable thoughts.

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