Anna Chlumsky Says Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Return To Veep After Cancer Battle Was A "Gift"

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus has returned to Veep after her cancer treatment. Last September, the actress announced on Twitter that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, delaying filming of the 7th and final season of the HBO show. In February, she revealed that she had received great results after undergoing surgery, and now filming is back on. According to co-star Anna Chlumsky, who stopped by the 29Rooms red carpet in Brooklyn, NY Wednesday night, the show has filmed about two episodes now, and couldn't be more grateful for the actress' return.
"It's just a gift every day," she told Refinery29. "She did this speech the other day and I had that moment...I can't believe I get to watch this woman do that for a living. How lucky am I to watch that?"
Dreyfus told the Associated Press earlier this week that she feels "strong" returning to set.
"I’ve got energy and, yeah, back to my old tricks," she said. "It feels like I never left."
As for what to expect this season, Chlumsky told us that they're "really diving into what makes our characters tick."
"How deep can we go with a person's experience? I'm finally getting to do that with Amy," she added.
And even though the real world is feeling more and more like a Veep episode, Chlumsky says the show is going to keep on bringing us the laughs we expect.
"It keeps us guessing and it keeps the challenges up," she said of the current political climate. "The blessing for us is that we've never sought out to parody anybody so it's like everything that anybody does in a power dynamic such as government, from Euripides on, is rife for satire."
Veep's final season will air in HBO in spring 2019.

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