Everyone's Internet Boyfriend, Noah Centineo, Is Into Safe Sex (Of Course)

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
Noah Centineo (aka Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys I've Loved Before) is well on his way to breaking the internet. Since the Netflix movie dropped on August 17, Centineo has skyrocketed to the top of almost everyone's internet boyfriend list. He's so charming and dreamy — Centineo's Peter Kavinsky may have ruined all other rom-com boyfriends for us.
So imagine how many hearts flipped when Centineo appeared on BuzzFeed's AM to DM this morning and talked about sex. Thanks to a very brief comment, everyone who has fantasized about Centineo (or Peter Kavinsky) becoming their IRL boyfriend can now add condoms to their hot sexual daydreams. Because Centineo knows the importance of safe sex. Or, at least, his mom knows the importance and passed that wisdom down to her son. "She's like 'wrap it up,'" he said. "And I'm like 'I got you.'"
It's not exactly bombshell sex advice — most of us know that wearing condoms is important for anyone with a penis who is trying to avoid getting someone pregnant or contracting STIs. But not everyone is adamant about wearing condoms during sex, even if they know they should be. And some people are adamant about NOT wearing condoms. So knowing that Centineo isn't one of those fuckboys who tries to convince their sex partner that they don't really need condoms only adds to his good guy reputation. And for some people, it makes him even more dreamy.
And good news for anyone who's extra turned on by Centineo's safe sex talk: He's single. The actor told the AM to DM hosts that he's looking for a woman who's into him for him, and not because he played Peter Kavinsky. "Now people might know who I am previously, so you have to vet the intentions," he said. "Like 'Oh wow, you're gorgeous, but you never would have been talking to me unless I had a film out...I gotta protect myself, possess my vessel."
So if you're one of the thousands vying for Centineo to transition from internet boyfriend to real boyfriend, take note. Get to know the real Noah Centineo, safe sex practices and all, and you might just have a shot.

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