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How This Male Influencer Found Power In Makeup

"It feels like power when I wear makeup," says Andrew Edgerton. "Boys in beauty is kind of like a revolution, a fight for inclusivity."

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Most vloggers wouldn't want their parents interrupting their makeup tutorials. But when Andrew Edgerton's dad stepped in to pay him a compliment, it made for a heartwarming moment that went viral. Edgerton got millions of views on the video, which boosted his followers from 800 to 30,000 on Instagram. Now, the beauty boy is serving up lip and eye tutorials to thousands of fans. Even before he reached influencer level, makeup was a creative outlet that bolstered Edgerton's inner strength.
"It feels like power when I wear makeup," says Edgerton. "Boys in beauty is kind of like a revolution, a fight for inclusivity. So to be able to go on Instagram and see a boy with full lashes, liner, eyeshadow, everything — I think that's really powerful."
With male beauty vloggers on the rise, like Patrick Starrr and James Charles (CoverGirl's first CoverBoy), Edgerton feels that he can comfortably be himself and wear the makeup he loves. "Being a boy in makeup used to be such a taboo thing," he says. "Even having that thought would be a no-no, and now it's something that's celebrated."
There's no better place to bask in that freedom than the biggest event for beauty lovers — BeautyCon. The unique festival brings together content creators, celebrities, brands, and fans for all things beauty and self-expression. Click play to watch Edgerton travel from Phoenix to Los Angeles for BeautyCon L.A., and hear more about the influence makeup continues to have on his life.
Youtube Makeup Artist Andrew Edgerton Makeup JourneyReleased on August 14, 2018

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