How To Be Mamma Mia's Donna & The Dynamos For Halloween

My colleague Kathryn Lindsay is convinced that Mamma Mia is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of our times. One day, in the not so far off future, flocks of Mamma Mia fans will gather for special screenings of the movie wearing overalls.
But we're not there — at least, not yet. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is still in theaters, and it'll be a few years before the process that converts a normal movie into a cult classic can begin. In the meantime, we can show our commitment to the Mamma Mia fandom on Halloween. Channel your inner Donna, your inner Rosie, and your inner Christine Baranski — err, Tanya.
What's required for a Donna and the Dynamos costume? It's easy. Flared pants, halter tops, and total and complete earnestness. When you walk down the street in your Donna Sheridan outfit, we want you to sing ABBA like you mean it. Grab two of your friends and don these duds for a dynamite Donna and the Dynamos Halloween look.

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