These Extended Pimple Pops Were Made For The Brave of Heart

If you're a committed popaholic, you probably already follow Dr. Pimple Popper on all her social channels. But even the most loyal fans — those who have watched every oozy pop on Sandra Lee, MD's Youtube page and never miss a Thursday night episode of her new TLC makeover series — might be unfamiliar with a new website with even more can't-look-away content.
The Pretty Pimple is Dr. Lee's new site that houses behind-the-scenes commentary about the captivating skin conditions seen on her show. Think of it as a director's cut, with extended episodes and never-before-seen photos from inside the exam room.
@The Pretty Pimple
Dr. Lee's goal was simple: Do what an hour-long episode doesn't have time to. "I spend hours and hours with all of these patients," she says. "The TLC episodes do an amazing job telling the stories, but there are four cases per episode, so it's impossible to fit everything in. I get so many messages after the show, asking how my patients are doing, so I thought that people would appreciate the behind-the-scenes outtakes."
More than just the exclusive, unfiltered commentary from Dr. Lee herself, the recaps also includes tons of photos — starting from when a patient enters Dr. Lee's office with a massive lump or odd bump, all the way to recovery. "When the episodes air, the images of the growths that these patients have are on the screen for just a second before they disappear," Dr. Lee says. "I take so many photos of the conditions that I’m about to operate on, because I want to be able to share those really interesting and powerful photos with everyone. I think it may be especially interesting for people who are fascinated with the skin and the science of our skin to have these visuals."
@The Pretty Pimple
So, if you're still thinking about Mary's liposuction procedure, or wondering what Brandi's tri-boob lipoma looked like post-surgery, consider checking out Dr. Lee's exclusive outtakes. We're definitely bookmarking The Pretty Pimple, if only for a quick visit after we eat lunch.

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