We Asked 5 Sets Of Twins What They Thought Of Each Other's Money Diaries

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
Ahead of National Twins Day, Money Diaries did twin week, where we published five sets of diaries from twins around the country.
We read about a pair of twins bonded by the power of eyelash glue despite their geographical distance, a set of twins both watching The Handmaid's Tale at the same time without realizing it, and a pair of twins who both really love Taco Tuesday.
So we wanted know: What did each diarist think of her twin's Money Diary? Did she learn anything she didn't already know? Read ahead to find out what each twin in our Twin Week thinks of the way her twin spends money, who thinks who is more frugal, and what they were surprised to find out about each other from their diaries.
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