Chloe Dykstra Reveals She Declined To Participate In Chris Hardwick Investigation

Photo: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images.
Actress Chloe Dykstra still has some reservations about how AMC conducted its investigation against Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick. In June 2018, Dkystra accused an unnamed ex-boyfriend of sexual assault and emotional abuse; Hardwick is believed to be the ex that she referenced (he has denied the allegation of sexual assault). Hardwick has been cleared of wrongdoing by AMC following an internal investigation, and will be returning to Talking Dead. In a statement on Twitter, Dykstra writes that she did not participate in the investigation, by her own choice.
“I could have provided more details, but chose not to. I have said what I wanted to say on the matter, and I wish to move on with my life,” Dykstra wrote on Twitter. “For that reason, I chose not to participate in the investigation against the person I spoke of. I do not believe in eye for an eye, and therefore I have only shared evidence with those who I felt should see it.”
Dykstra also writes that she didn’t receive the opportunities she wanted: to correct a false narrative to her family, friends, and fans, and to speak privately with her abuser. Dykstra says that this narrative was engineered to “hurt me and my career,” and she wishes that those around her knew “the truth.” She also writes that she texted him, but those texts were subsequently used in a “tabloid article” that, she alleges, were “chopped up and spun to discredit me.”
She also writes that she wishes to focus on emotional abuse with “institutions like RAINN,” and other “support groups for survivors.” Refinery29 has reached out to Dykstra for comment on how she will be working with such groups in the future.
Hardwick (who co-founded the Nerdist Industries media company) hosts Talking Dead, Talking with Chris Hardwick, and the ID10T with Chris Hardwick podcast. Dykstra and Hardwick dated from 2012 to 2014, reports the Los Angeles Times.
You can read Dykstra’s full statement below.

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