25 Things I Still Don't Know About Cher

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
Cher is not exactly known for her filter. On the set of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, she apparently told Amanda Seyfried that she "dodged a bullet" by breaking up with Dominic front of Dominic Cooper. So that's why her fun facts in the recent UsWeekly article "Cher: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me" are predictably off-the-wall. Some of them are so strange, in fact, that they only inspire more questions. I don't necessarily feel like I know the artist better after reading the facts. Actually, I'm more confused about her than ever.
For instance, in her first fact she revealed that Stephen Hawking once told her that "when time travel is perfected, history will be obsolete." When? How close are we? Have we time traveled before and does Cher know it? Is Cher from the future?
"The day I moved out of my home in Holmby Hills," another fact begins. "I found a room I never knew existed." What was the room?
Then there's the sixth fact, "I have a collection of elephants." A collection of elephants. Did she keep them in that mysterious room?
The questions just keep piling up:
" I once crashed in a small plane during a snowstorm."
Was anyone HURT?
"I think David Letterman is in love with me."
"One time, I threw a dart at a map to decide where I would vacation."
Where did she go?
"My cat is named Mr. Big. I first found him underneath one of my tour trucks in Detroit."
Is Cher a Sex and the City fan?
"I love to bead! I make 5-inch-long beaded earrings for all of my friends."
Am I one of her friends?
"I love to read and have taught several young people to read."
Just, like, on the street? In your home? How does this happen?
"I once cried when I lost $100."
Okay, this one is relatable.

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