The Best Rom-Coms On Netflix

Grab your tin foil hats, because I'm about to lead you into the depths of a pop culture conspiracy. Does it strike you as a wee bit funny that, in the same summer two young, A-list celebrity couples get swept up into whirlwind engagements, Netflix decided to drop multiple original romantic comedies? The celebrity and entertainment spheres seem to be colliding to ensure our hearts don't harden, that cynicism and anxiety don't completely smother our capacity for romance.
At this point, a good rom-com is like medicine for the soul. It'll make you believe that there's a swoon-worthy story out there for you, just waiting to be stumbled into and lived. But until that day comes, you can watch people stumble through enviably adorable plot lines in film.
Here are the best rom-coms that are currently on Netflix.

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