Will Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Ever Be Friends? According To Instagram, Nope

Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images.
People are all about nostalgia right now — good or bad. That's why a Paris Hilton fan account posted a montage of Lindsay Lohan paparazzi videos that document the tumultuous relationship between the two women. You'd think, by 2018, the past would be behind them, but in an Instagram comment, Hilton pretty much reignited the long-running feud.
The video is an accumulation of several statements from Lohan that don't add up. In the first, the actress approaches paparazzi to claim Hilton hit her at a party. In the subsequent video, with Hilton present, she tells the cameras that she never said that.
In the next video, she is heard saying "Paris is a c*nt" before immediately backtracking, telling the cameras they heard her incorrectly. Side by side, the truth is pretty clear. However, this is just petty drama from years ago, right? No need to still be upset about it now, right?
Just kidding. Time has apparently not healed this wound, as Hilton was spotted in the comments.
"PathologicalLiar," she wrote, adding a laughing Emoji.
So, that pretty much sums up the current state of that relationship, even though the women have moved on to do their own thing. We've reached out to both Hilton and Lohan's reps to see if we can get more details about this comment. Meanwhile, here's Britney Spears:


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