Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan's Orange Wigs Alone Are Oscar-Worthy In Mary Queen Of Scots Trailer

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In a time before Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and Beyoncé, two beauty- and power-obsessed queens dared ask and answer the question, "Who runs the world?" Those queens, for those who may have snoozed during 16th century history lessons, were cousins Mary Stuart, queen of Scotland (and queen consort in France), and Elizabeth I, queen of England.
Their rivalry was one of Europe's hottest scandals and, now, five centuries later, they're finally getting the film treatment they deserve with Mary Queen of Scots, which stars the incomparable Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan. And, judging by the trailer that was released on Thursday, the women — and their fabulously absurd orange-red wigs — are going to give the Academy a run for its money come 2019.
The film follows the tumultuous relationship between Mary and Elizabeth, who constantly competed to be the most powerful and influential ruler in the region — and also the most beautiful. To Elizabeth's dismay, Mary birthed a son, prolonging her family's bloodline. Elizabeth never had children.
Of course, that wasn't the only tension in their relationship. Mary, a Catholic, had long eyed the throne in England, knowing she'd have the support of English Catholics. Ultimately, she abdicated the throne in Scotland (it belonged, then, to her son, a literal baby), and went to England to find refuge with Elizabeth. Spoiler: That didn't go so well for her. Elizabeth imprisoned her cousin and, eventually, had her executed after uncovering an assassination plot that Mary (probably) knew about.
Anyway, enough drama. Let's get back to their lewks. Both women were extravagant and adorned their fiery locks with headpieces and jewels. Surprisingly, the styles Ronan and Robbie rock in the trailer aren't too far off from some of the historical paintings of the queens. Robbie even boasts Queen Elizabeth's coveted high cheekbones! Still, that hasn't stopped people online from comparing Robbie's aesthetic to the Queen of Hearts.
While some history buffs are arguing about the film's historical accuracy, others have pointed out the actual biggest dilemma: Who is going to win the Oscar for Best Actress?
"My biggest fear about the Mary Queen of Scots movie is that Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie can't both have the Oscar for Best Actress and I am hyperventilating this will truly tear families apart," one person tweeted.
To avoid any familial rifts, maybe the Academy can award its first Best Actress tie since 1969.
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