Becca Kufrin Had Her Own Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Moment On The Bachelorette

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin.
Did you, at one point in your childhood, harbor deeply intense feelings of envy about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s various direct-to-video movie adventures? If so, congratulations — you have at least one thing in common with incumbent Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, who apparently also loved Mary-Kate & Ashley’s movies when she was growing up.
In fact, Becca loved Mary-Kate and Ashley so much that, while filming the latest season of The Bachelorette, she says that she had a Mary-Kate and Ashley moment herself.
What, you may ask, even is a Mary-Kate and Ashley moment? In this specific instance, all it involves is taking a trip to the Bahamas.
In an interview with Variety, Becca said that she loved traveling to the Bahamas, but not only for the obvious reasons one might expect, like white beaches and beautiful, warm weather.
“I was loving [the Bahamas], because I loved Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Holiday in the Sun back in the day,” Becca told Variety. “And so I felt like I finally had my Mary-Kate and Ashley moment. I was living my best life.”
If you need a refresher, Holiday in the Sun is the 2001 film in which Mary-Kate and Ashley play twins named Madison and Alex, respectively, who go to the Bahamas for winter break. They are disappointed about the trip (the vacation they really wanted to go on was to Hawaii, where all of their friends were going), and encounter a mean girl at the resort, who is played by a young Megan Fox. But, in true Mary-Kate and Ashley fashion, they quickly get embroiled in a high-stakes battle with someone who is smuggling valuable artifacts, while also taking some time to tend to their love lives.
It is unclear how literal, exactly, Becca was being with her Holiday in the Sun comparison — but for the purposes of the show, let’s hope her time in the Bahamas involved lots of successful dates and not quite as much artifact smuggling as the Mary-Kate and Ashley classic. Then again, with this current crop of Bachelorette contestants, who knows what might have happened.

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