Fallon, Colbert & O'Brien Just Did The Trump Sketch To End All Trump Sketches

Photo: Courtesy of Scott Kowalchyk/CBS.
How do you solve a problem like comedy in the age of Donald Trump? Well, you don't, but late night television shows keep trying. The shows — Kimmel, The Tonight Show, Late Night, The Late Show, and Conan — have tried just about everything, including inviting Trump on their very shows. (Fallon's interview with him, as you'll recall, resulted in last week's sophomoric Twitter feud.) The next option, then, is a crossover. Last night, Stephen Colbert teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien for the ultimate "Trump sketch." It — sigh — is like the Avengers: Infinity War of late night Trump comedy.
Colbert, Fallon, and O'Brien assemble via Skype, each one "calling in" to chat with the other. They discuss the president's various gripes about the hosts he unleashed at a recent rally in Sorth Carolina. At the rally, Trump called Colbert a "lowlife" and Fallon a "lost soul." (O'Brien actually wasn't mentioned.)
"I heard he said we're all no-talent lowlife lost souls," Fallon told Colbert in the sketch.
"Well, that's not right," Colbert replies. "That's Conan."
Enter: Conan, also Skyping in to chat about the President. S, how do you solve a problem like late night comedy in the age of Trump? Apparently, you cast the net a little wider and include all your late night friends.
Watch the full sketch, below.

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