Everything Leaving Netflix In July

Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock.
If taking away a bunch of our favorite shows and movies is Netflix's way of telling us to go outside and stop wasting our summer on the couch, then they've got another thing coming. Nothing gets between us and our binging, and the knowledge that some of our tried and true favorites will soon be on their way out is just extra incentive to hunker down and watch them before they're gone.
Luckily, there's still a couple weeks before these shows start trickling off the streaming service one by one, and so over at Refinery29, our job is to give you the best plan of attack. Then, you can dive into all the new shows and movies that are landing on the platform, because this is 2018, and if you're not always coming home to a few episodes of a TV show every night, then are you even living?
But one step at at a time. First, let's get ready to say goodbye. Ahead are all the movies and TV shows that are leaving Netflix in July.

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