The Bachelor Women Are Having A Twitter Feud & Coltongate Is Real

Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette was meant to be a no-drama, breezy adoration fest for a woman who really deserves it. Unfortunately, if you’ve been watching her season, you’ll know that is not the case. We’ve already seen Lincoln Adim’s sexual assault conviction come to light, as well as Garrett Yrigoyen’s creepy alt-right social media activity. Now, another suitor has come under fire: Colton Underwood’s previous relationship with Tia Booth, who appeared on the last season of The Bachelor. That relationship may not be as “previous” as we thought: Bekah Martinez, who also starred on last season’s Bachelor, has been spilling some sweetened iced tea about them, and now Raven Gates has entered the fray to defend Booth’s honor.
The skirmish began on Twitter, when Martinez posted a photo of Underwood and Booth engaged in some serious canoodling on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. Gates, who is also a friend of Booth, wrote “Make sure you follow @whats_ur_sign_ [Bekah Martinez] so she can get those followers so she can stop talking s–t about her friends.. like tia!! And Becca!! Come on now hurry up!!” in a Twitter reply to the damning photo. Gates has since deleted that tweet.
“Girl I would never talk shit on Becca because she’s as real as it gets. That’s the reason I tweeted that thing about colton and tia in the first place, because it looked like they both played her on this one,” wrote Martinez. She then shared a screenshot displaying that Gates had subsequently blocked her.
Why is this such a big deal? Well, this is awkward, because Booth and Kufrin are friends (supposedly) and Underwood had insisted that he was no longer romantically interested in Booth. It’s a classic case of dating a friend’s ex. In last week’s episode, Booth and Kufrin spoke privately about this issue, and Booth assured her that she gave Kufrin and Underwood her blessing to pursue a relationship. Friends can totally date friends’ exes, as long as everyone is honest. It’s easy to avoid hurt feelings when all parties involved are open about their intentions!
Still, Kufrin has her antennas up. In Bachelor Nation parlance, contestants are immediately damned if they are suspected to be on the show for the “wrong” reasons. “Wrong” reasons include, in essence, everything except vying for the heart of the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Kufrin, who is aware of Underwood’s relationship with Booth, had suspected that he joined the show because he hoped that Booth would be the Bachelorette. If he wanted to pursue Booth, why would he be on a show to pursue Kufrin? Well, we may have answer to that too, thanks for Martinez. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!
Martinez also dropped this nugget on Twitter: “*spoiler* girl she literally went back onto becca’s season and did exactly that once he was in final four.”
Martinez is now accusing Booth of going back to Kufrin and begging her to dump Underwood because she still had feelings for him. Hello! If that isn’t a scalding hot kettle of darjeeling, we don’t know what is. Ultimately, let’s see how the rest of the season plays out — and hope that the Bachelor bestie squad won’t split up over, of all things, a man.

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