Wait, Who Are These Babies That Appeared In Beyoncé & Jay-Z's Tour?

Photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins did not make it into the On The Run II tour, after all. Though Twitter was convinced that the two babies Bey held in a photo were, in fact, Sir and Rumi Carter, they, apparently, were not.
So, who are these now-famous babies? That, it seems, is the real mystery.
This post was originally published on June 6 at 4:30 p.m.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z certainly know how to kick off a tour. During the opening night of On The Run II in Cardiff, Wales, fans got a treat even better than the one they forked out so much $$$ for tickets for: a glimpse of Sir and Rumi Carter. We haven't seen the twins since their initial debut on Beyoncé's Instagram in July of 2017, and now, almost a year later, two brand new photos were blasted up on stage.
While we can't witness the new pics in person, they've already made their way on the internet courtesy of some kind souls at the venue tweeting them out for the world to see — despite the fact that some fans are saying the couple had the wifi at the venue cut to prevent live-streaming.
But who has time to livestream, anyways, when there are new photos of Sir and Rumi Carter to gawk at? Try looking at these little baby rolls without squealing:
Beyoncé also took to Instagram to post a photo of her own. While it doesn't include the bebes, it does give us a front-row look at the couple on stage.

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That picture, plus the babies, plus this video of their entrance on an elevator...


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...it's like we're practically there.

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