The Most Cringe-worthy Parts Of Sex And The City, 20 Years Later

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At 20 years old, Sex And The City would be halfway through college. In other words, it's done a lot of growing up. Or rather, we have. Anyone who goes back to watch the show, as many currently are in celebration of its birthday on Wednesday, can see that there are some things about the HBO classic that, well, aren't that classic at all. The fashion, for instance. Low-rise, bootcut jeans have (thank God) not followed us to 2018, and Carrie Bradshaw's whole career has been transformed thanks to blogging and social media. But there are some bigger aspects of the show that stand out even more, especially in light of the fact that the show was considered so progressive for its time.
For the all revolutionary ways the show portrayed sex, gender, and sexuality, it harbored an equal number of regressive attitudes and stereotypes that are downright offensive to watch now. Does that mean we can't enjoy it? Certainly not, as long as we recognize its shortcomings.
It also opens up another question. As Carrie would say, I couldn't help but wonder: will the shows we consider progressive today be equally as dated and cringeworthy in 2038? Will I look back at the clothes on Girls and The Bold Type and laugh out loud? What thinkpieces will Broad City inspire 20 years later?
Ahead are five scenes from Sex And The City that have not aged well — from the technologically embarrassing to the straight-up offensive.
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The Opening Credits

That skirt! The editing! And there's no way this music doesn't immediately take you back.
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Charlotte And The "Power Lesbians"

Rather than giving lesbians a place in the dating scene alongside the four main women, we instead get one episode for Charlotte to gawk at them before their friendship ends because she isn't also a lesbian. Because, as we all know, people of different sexualities hang out in packs.
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Literally Any Time A Trans Person Was On Screen

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha throw around slurs like "tranny," give the trans characters offensive nicknames, make jokes about their genitalia, and at one point Samantha literally throws water on a group of trans women outside her window.
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Carrie's Computer Issues

Remember when everything wasn't automatically on the Cloud?
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The "Are We Sluts?" Episode

For a show about women owning their sexuality, they sure spend most of this scene implying (and at one point straight-up saying) that too much sex makes a woman undesireable.
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Carrie Talking About Bisexuality

Highlighted by EveryOutfitOnSATC via the #WokeCharlotte meme, Carrie's views of bisexuality are totally incorrect and and dismissive, especially for a sex writer.

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