We're Not Sleeping After Watching This Sharp Objects Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Anne Marie Fox/HBO.
Get ready for the spookiest series of the summer. The new trailer for HBO's Sharp Objects has just dropped, and we're officially not sleeping.
Not that we could expect anything less. This show is, after all, produced by Blumhouse, the production company behind the Oscar-winning, socially conscious creep-fest Get Out, and based on the novel written by Gillian Flynn, author of novel-turned-David-Fincher flick Gone Girl. It's also created by Dietland and UnREAL's Marti Noxon, so, obviously, has a troubled-but-fascinating woman at its center. Here, it's Camille Preaker, portrayed by Amy Adams — and boy, are we worried about her.
Per the trailer, the journalist returns to her childhood home of Wind Gap, not to visit her straight-out-of-a-gothic-horror-movie mom (Patricia Clarkson), but to write about a slew of horrible crimes. A young girl has been murdered, and another, according to the new trailer, is missing. But is there more than just a serial killer hiding in Wind Gap's dark corners?
Given that the miniseries consists of eight episodes, the answer is most definitely yes.
Oh, and then there's also this line, spoken by The Mindy Project's Chris Messina:
"This town is hiding something."
Maybe it's hiding in the probably-haunted woods. Or in the probably-haunted house. Or in the potentially haunted bathtub, which sends Camille gasping for air in true horror movie fashion.
Creator Noxon really wanted to explore these dark places — not only literal, within the town of Wind Gap, but within Adam's character Camille. The TV writer told Entertainment Weekly:
"I had read Sharp Objects while I was going through my divorce. I was going through a lot of dark stuff. I’ve wrestled with addiction and eating disorders on and off throughout my life, and I was in a dark place, and I really related to Camille. After picking up the book, I just couldn’t shake her."
She added:
"The exploration of anger and women having anger of their own that isn’t provoked is really powerful for me. Anger really is the theme for both Sharp Objects and Dietland. Even though they’re both so different, it’s women raging against the machine and not knowing what to do about it."
Camille's rage begins July 8 on HBO. Watch the trailer below:

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