Westworld's Ghost Nation Is About To Change Everything — Here’s What We Know About Them

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO..
It looks like next week's episode of Westworld will finally pull back the curtain on one of the more mysterious players in this whole twisted narrative: the Ghost Nation. The Native American warriors have played a subtle but important role since the first episode of the HBO show's second season, and all the clues they've dropped these past few weeks will seemingly culminate into one big episode.
The teaser of episode 8, "Kiksuya," dropped after Sunday night's epic "Les Écorchés," and promises a change of pace from the Dolores and Maeve-driven narratives we've been following. Instead, we're meeting the Ghost Nation not as foes who emerge to disrupt the journeys of their fellow hosts, but as leaders of their own stories. Who are they? What are they fighting for? And where did they come from?
Before you sit back and assume all that will be answered this Sunday, take a moment to consider that it may have been answered already. The Ghost Nation's appearances this season so have been brief, but they've been on screen long enough to make some important points and, best of all, drop possible clues that suggest they may be the most important part of this season.
Ahead is a timeline of the Ghost Nation's role in season 2 so far, and what it could possibly mean.
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