What's Going On With The Ghost Nation On Westworld?

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If there's one thing that humans really, really need in season 2 of Westworld, it's an ally. Given that Dolores/Wyatt (Evan Rachel Wood) has a well-deserved vendetta against her own creators and the guests of this not-so-amusing amusement park, most people who cross her path are doomed. However, one theory suggests that there are certain hosts roaming Westworld who are here to protect humans.
Originally, all the hosts in the Westworld park protected their human guests, via their "good Samaritan" programming. That was shut the hell off when Dolores finally assumed her own black hat persona. Per Esquire, however, some Redditors think that Ghost Nation is protecting humans, thanks to some clever coding by a not-so-dead Elsie (Shannon Woodward).
Remember Elsie? Though some believed the snarky programmer was dead at the literal hands of Jeffrey Wright's Bernarnold (see what I did there?) her signal was found by Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), stating that, yes, she is very much alive.
That's where Ghost Nation comes into play.
Ghost Nation refers to a group of Native American-styled hosts. Some hosts who interact with this group come back with different ideas and mythologies, which seem ingrained in Ghost Nation's religion. However, most who interact with them do so via violent means, as the members of Ghost Nation are regarded as dangerous and extremely protective of their land. Only the bravest of Westworld guests would choose to embark on a quest that would entangle them with this particular tribe.
Except, maybe humans don't have to fear Ghost Nation at all — only other hosts do. Redditor Dupreem writes:
"I'm assuming that Elsie has successfully reprogrammed the Ghost Nation hosts to serve her, having seen the drone revolt coming after being spared last season by Bernard. That's why the hosts saved (and didn't immediately kill) Stubbs, that's why they wanted Sizemore to come with them (they sought to rescue him after identifying him as human), and now that's why they'll be saving the girl that escaped the India park."
This would also explain why Maeve (Thandie Newton) can't control these particular hosts, and why Dolores shot one who didn't "deserve to go to the valley beyond" — she would have no use for someone protecting the very people she was killing off.
Whether Ghost Nation is really doing Elsie's bidding, we'll have to wait to find out... but it's good to know that the humans have at least some hosts on their side.

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