Move Over Ocean's 8, The 13 Reasons Why Cast Group Text Is The New Hottest Thing

Photo: Netflix
Sorry Ocean’s 8 cast. It looks like another close-knit crew has a group thread, and it just may be the most hilarious one out there.
In an interview with MTV International, 13 Reasons Why stars Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, and Alisha Boe talked about how close the cast members have become over the last two seasons. Apparently what’s keeping their relationships so strong between takes is a group chat that features memes, bad jokes, and videos of Ross Butler asleep.
Yes, you read that correctly. Butler, who plays Zach on the hit drama series, has officially been dubbed the grandpa of the group, and the cast has ample evidence to prove it.
According to Minnette, Butler can always be found snoozing on set. So, what else would you expect the rest of the cast to do besides take full advantage of the situation? Minette went on to share that everyone snaps photos and videos of Butler whenever this happens.
“Every time he’d wake up there would be a ton of videos and photos of him sleep. And he does the funniest things in his sleep,” Minnette said with a laugh. “Sorry to call him out, but he nods his head a lot. Or he’ll be tapping along to music while he’s sleeping. There’s some pretty great videos honestly.”
Given that Butler’s character was such a key part of the story in season 2, it’s understandable that he needed a few more zzz’s this go round. Still, everyone knows you never sleep when smartphones or millennials are anywhere near. Do better, Butler.
In addition to sharing videos of Butler dancing in his sleep and drooling on set pillows, the cast frequently meets up for “nerdy” board game nights. They also often hit up the movies together. Langford says that because of this she’s seen every single Marvel movie that’s come out in the past year.
“They’re a pretty remarkable group,” series creator Brian Yorkey added in the MTV interview. “I genuinely feel like they all love each other.” They totally do. Because let’s face it: anytime you can share memes and embarrassing videos with a group all day, they’re you’re people.
Netflix hasn't confirmed season 3 of 13 Reasons Why yet, but fans can be sure that even if this group doesn’t return to Liberty High School, the actors' group chat — and their friendship — will live on.
Now, here’s to hoping someone from the cast leaks one of those videos. Because something tells me Butler looks even better when he’s counting sheep.

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