There's A New Wild Theory About Grace On Westworld

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I'm at the point with Westworld that no theory seems too ridiculous. Humans are hosts, hosts are human, and my brain hurts, so when Redditors noticed the similarities between Grace's (Katja Herbers) mannerisms and Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen), their brains went to work. Is she a daughter? A niece? A host version of Theresa?
Turns out, none of those things.
"I read somewhere that it has to be true, since I'm from Amsterdam and Amsterdam is the capital of Denmark. Can we just set that straight here: It is not," Herbers told Harper's Bazaar. "I'm a huge Borgen fan though, and Sidse Babett Knudsen is one of my favorite actresses. I saw a photo of her and me, and I have to say I too see the resemblance. Also in the way we both hold our cigarette. I'd love to take credit for doing that on purpose to distract people from me actually being The Man in Black's daughter, but I didn't. Maybe it means we'll star in a movie together sometime in which we do get to play the same person—or relatives. I'd love that."
Instead, as we found out on Sunday night, Grace's true identity is actually Emily, The Man In Black's daughter. We always knew she was there for a reason, but now we know what she was searching for.
"In the third episode, when we're in [the Raj] and the guy comes up to me and asks if I'm hunting Bengals, I say, 'Yeah, sure, among other things.' I'm on a mission. I want to find my father and I want to talk to him. And I think I probably haven't seen him since my mom died, and there's a world of stuff to talk about," she told The Hollywood Reporter. Unfortunately, the episode ended before we got to hear what she had to say. As always, here's hoping next week makes this show any clearer.
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