What Do You Get When You Combine #MeToo & Black Mirror? A New Ryan Murphy Show

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Among the many brilliant ideas percolating in Ryan Murphy's brain is a take on the #MeToo movement that follows an anthology formula. Murphy revealed to the New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum that he's dreaming of it, and that it would be called Consent. The show does not, per Nussbaum, have a home, as Murphy is currently shifting from the FX network to Netflix. (Netflix purchased Murphy for a sum total of $300 million earlier this year.) The show Pose, which premieres in June, will be his last show with FX. The others — that includes Trust, American Horror Story, and American Crime Story — will continue without Murphy.
Consent, if made, would explore a different disgraced figure each episode. Episode by episode, the show would document (and fictionalize) the downfalls of men in power in Hollywood. Episodes would feature tales about Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and even a "he-said-she-said" account doesn't sound dissimilar to the case of Aziz Ansari.
Murphy is an explosion of ideas — many explode but only some make it to the small screen. His Monica Lewinsky show, which made headlines last year, was later discarded when Murphy decided he shouldn't be the one to tell her tale. Then again, Murphy is one of the most prolific showrunners working today. (He also told Nussbaum he dislikes the word 'prolific.' But it's applicable so many apologies to Murphy.) He manages to slam through show after show, many of them adored and all of them fascinating. And, now that's it in the world, maybe Consent will manifest itself. Netflix, make it happen!
Read the full profile of Murphy over at The New Yorker.

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