These Wild Bernard Theories Might Explain Westworld’s Biggest Mystery Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Westworld season 2 is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma, shrouded by mystery. But, it seems like the key to understanding the baffling timeline that is the newest season of the HBO epic is one mister Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright). The secret host, and clone of original Westworld creator Arnold Weber (also Jeffrey Wright), is currently the only living main character who can connect the events before, during, and after the robot rebellion kicked off by Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) shooting Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in the head. Everyone one else is either dead (see: Teddy Flood), missing (looking at you, Dolores), or a mere supporting character (sorry, Charlotte Hale).
Episode 3, “Virtu e Fortuna,” added to the Bernard mystery by putting the robot directly in the path of Dolores, Teddy (James Marsden), and even Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum), who is the “package” Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) is desperate to get out of the park. So, Bernard couldn’t be more central to the Westworld storyline. But, thanks to Bernard’s “critical corruption,” it’s all the more difficult to trust him as a narrator or predict what will happen to him next.
That, is why we’ve turned to the many fan theories circulating the internet to figure out what might be going on with everyone’s favorite bespectacled host. Keep reading to find out how Bernard might be connected to his fellow hosts, the constant corporate subterfuge at hand, and that “Journey Into Night”-ending glimpse at a massive watery grave for hundreds of hosts. Remember, Bernard said he “killed them all.”
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