This Is How Much Money Millennial Women Save To Attend Weddings

It's widely known that getting married can be expensive: For the typical wedding, there are venues to secure, DJs to pay, invitations to send out, and maybe a signature cocktail cleverly named after the newlyweds (or their wedding hashtag). In 2017, The Knot found that the average cost of a wedding in America was a staggering $33,391. But what's also staggering — and talked about a lot less — is the steep cost of simply showing up as a guest.
Attending a wedding can involve a lot of spending: There's the gift, the hotel stay, and the Ubers to and from. And, for those in the wedding, it's a whole other beast: the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, the bridesmaid dress, the hair, the makeup...the list goes on.
According to a Credit Karma study, almost 20% of millennials say they've spent more than $1,000 on attending someone else’s wedding. Nearly 30% admitted to feeling FOMO over missing one. And for some, it's a FOMO powerful enough to make them plop down their credit cards and spend money they don't have. The moral of this story is: Maybe we all need to start saving for our friend's upcoming weddings. (My friend group hasn't started getting married yet, but when we do, god help us all.)
So how much should you be saving for wedding season? Ahead, 10 millennial women get real on how much they save and spend to attend their friend's weddings.

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