The Celine Dion & Deadpool Crossover No One Asked For

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Deadpool isn't just a snarky, pop culture-obsessed superhero! He's also a dancer, as per his new collaboration with Canadian pop star Celine Dion. Today, on Good Morning America, Dion premiered the video for her song "Ashes," which appears on the movie's soundtrack. In the video, Deadpool struts across a stage in a pair of heels and begins to dance. And, erm, he's really very good at it. (Chances that it's Ryan Reynolds in that Deadpool suit are very slim, but still!)
The video is decidedly mawkish — Dion stands in a spotlight, belting for her life, while Deadpool emerges "from the ashes." He spins around a bit, clutching at the light, a la So You Think You Can Dance.
The video stays in Deadpool style with an irreverent ending. Once the song is over, Deadpool calls out to Dion, "Celine! That was amazing! That was the most beautiful performance I've ever seen in my life...we need to do it again."
Why do it again?
"Well, it's too good. This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. You're at, like, an 11. We need you at 5, 5 and a half, tops."
The trick is, the song is actually very good. Ah, the magic of irreverent humor. Watch the full music video, below.

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