The Producers Of Get Out Are Bringing Horror To The Small Screen

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The scares will be plenty in this new Hulu anthology series — but they will only happen once a month. According to Vulture, Blumhouse's new streaming show, Into The Dark, will officially premiere on October 5, launching an entire year of chills and thrills with its 12 monthly episodes.
Unlike Netflix, which tends to drop episodes in big season batches, Hulu tends to favor the network-made model of one episode per week. However, Into The Dark will buck both systems entirely, releasing feature-length episodes on the first Friday of every month.
Essentially, it sounds like Into The Dark will be more of a TV movie anthology than a true television show, but it also sounds like exactly the kind of experiment this horror fan can get behind. What Blumhouse, the studio behind the now-iconic and Oscar-winning Get Out as well as franchises like The Purge and Insidious, is doing is making watching Into The Dark an event. If it's good, there will be plenty of chatter about what the next installment could offer. And, unlike Netflix's Black Mirror, which can be binged all at once, Into The Dark will be on everyone's radar year-round.
With a risk-taking, genre-focused studio like Blumhouse behind it, it's hard not to think Into The Dark will at least be interesting.
As for what we can expect from Into The Dark, in terms of content? Not much is known right now, however, Variety reported back in January that it will consist of self-contained episodes that are tied together by "narrative device or structural device." Vulture reports that the first episode will be titled "The Body," which also happens to be the title of Stephen King's novella that inspired the film Stand By Me.
Will the premiere episode of Into The Dark be another King adaptation? Likely not, though it could be possible — Blumhouse has signed on to produce the Firestarter remake, based on King's novel of the same name.
This isn't the only show that Blumhouse is working on. The Purge, a horror franchise that has expanded into disturbing social commentary, has inspired a television series of the same name that will air on SyFy and USA Network.

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