10 Realistic Movie Moms That Don't Glamorize Motherhood

Photo: Flower/Gracie/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock.
If there's anything Hollywood does well, it's good escapist entertainment. And motherhood has gotten the rose-colored glasses treatment for far too long. Glamorous women juggle work, family, the home — and they do it all while rocking perfect blowouts and the skinniest of skinny heels. These perfect mamas put everyone before themselves — even the dog — and their reward is the happiness of others. They're women who have it all.
Well, fuck that.
I'm here for the movies that are a bit more in touch with reality. Movies that show that loving your children should not impede your own happiness. That parenting sacrifices should not come at the cost of your life's work, and a woman is not selfish for retaining her individuality — a treatment fathers rarely get in film.
Thankfully, there are some movies that have not airbrushed the mother character, adding realism and prompting honest cultural conversations about postpartum depression, domestic violence, mom-shaming, and banning the term "good mom" once and for all.
Just in time for Mother's Day, here are some of our favorite movies that depict motherhood with a touch more authenticity.

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