Fleetwood Mac Says They're A "New Band" Since Firing Lindsey Buckingham

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Meet the new Fleetwood Mac. While inner-band turmoil is somewhat part of the band's allure — there was famously a love triangle between Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, and Mick Fleetwood that fueled the entirety of their 1977 album, Rumours — they've decided to start their new tour on a calmer note, and that meant letting go of Buckingham.
Instead, the band's new lineup includes Mike Campbell, the former lead guitarist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Neil Finn of Crowded House.
"This is absolutely a new band," Fleetwood said, according to CBS News. "This is the new lineup of Fleetwood Mac."
But still the mystery remains: why say goodbye to one of the founding members? Apparently, it had to do with this new tour. Buckingham was reluctant to sign on, and the rest of the band wanted to get going.
"It became just a huge impasse and hit a brick wall, where we decided that we had to part company," Fleetwood explained, adding, "And it's not a question that Lindsey has huge amounts of respect and kudos to what he's done within the ranks of Fleetwood Mac and always will. But it's like a marriage that came to an end and there are reasons why. … But as a band we needed to move on."
"This team wanted to get out on the road," Nicks said. "And one of the members did not want to get out on the road for a year. We just couldn't agree. And you know, when you're in a band, it's a team. I mean I have a solo career, and I love my solo career, and I'm the boss. Absolutely. But I'm not the boss in this band."
This new lineup isn't the only symbol of a more modern Fleetwood Mac. The band also ended up back in the charts recently thanks to a viral tweet that included a video of Alcorn State University's Golden Girls dance team doing a routine to "Dreams."
Details of the (new) Fleetwood Mac's upcoming tour can be found here.
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