We Tried 7 Edge Control Products At Coachella — & We Have Thoughts

Nothing compares to when your edges are laid to perfection, swooped and swirled with an artist's precision. And if a toothbrush is your paintbrush, then edge control is the paint. But sometimes it can feel like finding the right gel or pomade that lasts all day without flaking is the true art form. There are SO many items to choose from, including new launches every day, but we always tend to go back to our tried-and-true favorites.
With that in mind, we asked three Coachella attendees to take our favorite cult classics (including Let's Jam! and Hick's) to the desert for the ultimate road test. Check out their honest opinions, ahead.
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Datrianna Meeks, Senior Product Designer at Spotify
Curl Type: 3C

"When buying edge control, I look for a strong hold because my hair is very soft, and I prefer products that don't flake or leave any type of noticeable residue. I typically use Eco Styler gel. And my hair is bright pink, so I also stick with alcohol-free products."
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Day 1: Eden Bodyworks Control Edge Glaze

"I love this product! It's the only one I came back to after the test. It didn't flake and it kept my edges in place all day. There was no frizz and, after many hours of desert heat, my hair still looked how I like it to at the end of the night."
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Day 2: Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger Edge Gel

"This product was OK. I used leave-in conditioner in the shower, then ran gel through my curls, and then applied the edge control to my hairline. My edges didn't get super frizzy, but they also didn't stay in place."
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Day 3: Let's Jam Extra Hold Shining & Conditioning Gel

"Out of all the ones I tested, this was my least favorite. It flaked and my edges were frizzy a few hours later. Luckily, my curls were still fresh from the day before to hide them."
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Channing Hargrove, Refinery29 Fashion Writer
Curl Type: 4c

"I typically wear my hair blown straight, and use a little product on my flyaways. For the most part, I leave my baby hairs alone. But when my hair is clean, my edges don't resist gel."
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Day 1: Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Edge Treatment

"I knew from prior experience that the Shea Moisture Edge Treatment wouldn't be heavy enough for my edges. It has more of a jelly consistency, which works for my blowouts when I'm in the city, but just isn't enough coverage for the desert winds."
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Day 2: Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel

"I regretted using so much Ultra Glued on my second day. It held really, really well (I didn't have to touch my hair the next day), but I had to brush it a million times to get all of the flakes out."
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Day 3: Let's Jam Extra Hold Shining & Conditioning Gel

"Talk about a throwback! I forgot how much I loved this. It held my edges, brushed out easily without flaking and didn't look super, super shiny on my hair. And I could apply more on top without having to brush the old product out. It's perfect for the dry desert heat."
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Arianna Davis, Refinery29 Senior Features Writer
Curl Type: Between 3B & 3C

"My hair is curly, thick, and frizzy. So for the most part, the biggest issue with my baby hairs is avoiding frizz and having them not curl up — especially in the heat, which I knew we would encounter at Coachella."
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Day 1: Hicks Edges Pomade

"I did like this one — it helped smooth my hair back and my baby hairs were in place and looked great in photos. I actually got a few compliments on my bun at the festival. But by the end of the night, my edges were definitely frizzy again. I'd say it works, but needs some reapplying."
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Day 2: Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Infusion Edge Control

"This was definitely my far-and-away favorite. My edges held up throughout an entire day at the festival — INCLUDING Beyoncé, where I sweated, screamed, and danced my heart away. It was also light and easy to apply and didn't feel greasy."
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Day 3: Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel

"I didn't like this one as much as the others. While it helped with some frizz, it didn't do much to actually lay down my edges specifically. I also noticed some flaking after a couple of hours of using it."

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