The Most Terrifying Movie Of The Year Just Got Even Scarier

Photo: Courtesy of A24..
A24, the distributor that brought you Moonlight and Lady Bird, has a scary movie in the works called Hereditary, and it's going all-out in the marketing. The movie's second trailer arrived today alongside an even creepier component: an Etsy shop, ostensibly curated by the movie's deranged central character. Hereditary focuses on a child named Charlie (Milly Shapiro). Charlie begins acting strange after the death of her grandmother. Part of this "acting strange" includes some funky crafts. And, you can now purchase these crafts from an Etsy shop called CraftsbyCharlie. CraftsbyCharlie is not currently selling any items, but Charlie, the shop owner, does have a few photos of her "workspace" on her profile.
Hereditary stars Toni Collette as Annie Graham, the newly minted matriarch of a family plagued by sorrow. Following the death of Ellen Graham, the grandmother, the family discovers there's something sinister in their genetic code — it's hereditary, if you will, and somehow Charlie has caught it. Gabriel Byrne plays Steve Graham, and Alex Wolff plays Peter Graham. The film was written and directed by Ari Aster, a prolific short film director. This is Aster's first feature.
Hereditary premiered in January at Sundance to excited reviews. The Hollywood Reporter compared it to The Babadook, the Australian horror film that made waves in 2014. USA Today called it "the most insane horror movie in years," while Variety praised Collette's performance. All signs point to Hereditary being the next big thing in horror, a genre that's currently experiencing a critical renaissance. After Get Out made it to the Oscars and John Krasinski's A Quiet Place briefly had a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, the atmosphere seems primed for more prestige horror films. And what better way to hawk a creepy movie than with an Etsy account?
Watch the full trailer for Hereditary, below.

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