Rereleasing Meghan Markle's Old Rom-Coms Is The Thirstiest Move

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Every since she got engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's life has been one long TimeHop curse. Today's gift? This trailer from the 2013 romantic comedy Random Encounters, which someone is cruelly rereleasing this May, just in time for the wedding. While Markle is not the star of the film (that particular honor goes to Abby Wathen and Michael Rady), this new trailer for the rerelease sure makes it seem like it, and is choc-full of royal puns that have nothing to do with the plot of the film.
"This is the biggest dating site in L.A.," a five-years-younger Markle says in the opening of the trailer. "Random encounters is what we're looking for. People who too are chickenshit to do something about it, so pretty much for people like you."
Markle is tasked with helping her best friend get out of her dating rut, since she turns out to be quite the online dating expert herself. Even though dating is, as this new trailer puts it, "a right royal pain."
However, the story isn't about Markle, as much as this trailer would like you to believe. It's really about her best friend, who ends up meeting someone the old fashioned way (spilling coffee on his shirt) before letting him slip away. Most of the movie is about tracking him back down to see if it really was love and first site, while Markle chimes in with sassy phrases and jokes.
It's particularly funny to compare this trailer to the original trailer for the film, before anyone knew Markle was going to end up in Buckingham Palace.
Less Markle, less puns, less royal imagery inexplicably in the graphics, but still the same sassy one-liners. There are some things you're just never gonna live down.
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