Kevin Can Wait's Erinn Hayes Finally Gets The Justice She Deserves!

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Good things comes to those who wait. After being ousted from Kevin Can Wait in favor of Leah Remini, Erinn Hayes is currently starring in her next big gig, and tells People that she couldn't be happier. The actress, who played Donna Gable on the CBS sitcom before her character was killed off, has joined the cast of Bryan Cranston's Dangerous Book For Boys, a new Amazon series based on the book of the same name. A family follows a guidebook left behind by the late father, and following Hayes's departure from the sitcom, Cranston, the co-creator reached out.
"I think, truly, it was a day or two after I heard I sent her a personal note," Cranston told Yahoo Entertainment. “[I said], ‘Take a look, read this. It’s a beautiful piece.’ It’s for families, and I know she’s a mom in real life. ‘I think you’ll just kill this.’ And she read it and she really liked it and we talked. It was probably the easiest casting that we had."
In conversation with People, Hayes said filming the Amazon show was a breath of fresh air.
“They’re such different shows. One is a sitcom, it’s three jokes a page… You’re not diving into too much real emotion. And I had a wonderful time on that," she assured the outlet. "And now I’m on this. This show is so true to life, and it’s… cinematic. The jokes can be the jokes and they come when they come, but it’s not like you gotta hit that thing."
Plus, she had a chance to explore a family more deeply. The emphasis wasn't on jokes, but also telling a larger story.
"It was just so beautiful to get a chance to dive into the reality of this family’s experience and know that you just want to make it as real as possible," she said.
Season 1 of Dangerous Book for Boys is available on Amazon Prime now. Watch the trailer below:
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