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The New Girl In Hollywood Had Nowhere To Start — So She Googled It

How one woman is trying to make it in Hollywood

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In Hollywood, the saying goes, it’s about who you know. But when you know no one, you only have yourself to rely on — and Google.
That’s how Kenesha Bolton decided to get her start. After twelve years in active military duty, Kenesha decided to leave Atlanta and move to Los Angeles to become an actress. But her only leads were what she found by Googling phrases like, “what you need to be an actor,” “where to get headshots,” “acting classes,” and “audition techniques and practices.”
So when Kenesha first arrived in Los Angeles, it was far from a warm welcome. She was homeless for a while, living in her car and using the money she made from waitressing jobs to pay for headshots and classes at the New York Film Academy Los Angeles.
Kenesha also quickly got a taste of what this industry is notorious for— false promises. Customers at her job would offer to help her, only to leave and never contact her again. Facebook friends on actor messaging boards would appear and disappear, offering a partnership then backing out without explanation. And once, in a particularly bizarre moment, Kenesha was called in to audition for the role of a lifetime, only to discover that it was all a set up for a prank show (which never aired).
So how does Kenesha navigate the Hollywood landscape with no one but herself to guide her? Watch above to see what her daily grind is like — and what keeps her going.
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