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I'm 69 — & I Finally Decided To Pursue My Dream

How one 69-year-old woman is navigating the ups and downs of the acting industry

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A few months ago, Sandra Bowes left her home of Maui to pursue her lifelong dream of being an actress in Hollywood. The catch: Sandra is 69 years old.
Sandra first caught the acting bug as a teenager, when she was asked to replace the lead (coincidentally, a young Glenn Close) in her high school play. After that, she continued to act into her early twenties, working in college and in community theaters. Eventually, however, life happened, and Sandra gave up her aspirations to start a family.
Now, all these years later, Sandra finally has the opportunity to tie up some loose ends. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to pursue an acting career at this stage of life, but that’s exactly what Sandra is doing. So just how is Sandra settling in to the Hollywood life? Watch the above video to find out.
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How Sandra Bowes Is Trying To Make It In HollywoodReleased on April 23, 2018

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