Go Full Adult On Easter Sunday With These Wine & Candy Pairings

Photo: Courtesy of Winc.
Easter Sunday looks a little different these days: Egg hunting as an adult just doesn't feel quite as appropriate, and fictional bunnies stopped leaving chocolate-filled baskets for us on the kitchen table years ago. But all fun doesn't have to be lost. We can eat as much candy as we damn please, and we can even add booze to the mix. So, this Sunday we're going full adult and enjoying those two together, with help from Winc Wine Director Brooke Matthias.
When it comes to candy, Matthias suggests pairing it with fruit forward wines that have less tannins (e.g. a rosé) — and as a general rule of thumb, gummies or hard candies go well with bottles of white and chocolate candies with bottles of red. For Easter brunch food, she recommends pairing sweeter dishes with wines that have a more intense flavor profile (like Rieslings, Muscats, Zinfandels, or red blends). "Sweet dishes can be overpowering, so picking wines that have more personality will help make sure that the wine will still shine," she tells Refinery29 When you're munching on a savory dish, opt for a bottle with higher tannins and acidity (e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon). "The acid in wine marries with the salt and helps to elevate the flavors in both the wine and the food," she says.
If you're not feeling bold enough to try making your own pairings for your upcoming Easter spread, then check out seven of Matthais' suggestions, ahead. Who needs an egg hunt? We're kicking off Sunday with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and some jelly beans.

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